May 7, 2021


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Mini Lathe – 3D Printed Y Axis DRO!

So I have been getting back into using my Chinese made Harbor Freight Mini-Lathe (see more here: and wanted to add a Y Axis DRO (Digital Read Out) to it but didn’t want to spend big bucks so designed up one of my own using an economical dial indicator I got off Amazon (see more here: ) and if you need to extended the reach of the indicator, you also add an extension kit such as this and or a tip kit such as this depending upon your needs.

Because the dial indicator had to be moved over because of the control knob, I used 3M washer on the end (you can see it in the pictures) to make contact. Another option would be to get a Tip Kit (see more here: Additionally I have also 1/4 magic nut for the mounting too! This has turned out to be a super handy addition to the Mini-Lathe and I have also have the Open SCAD code posted on our Open SCAD site if you want to get a copy here:

Also I used M3 bolts and washers so if you’re looking for an M3 kit (which is super handy to have), here you go:

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