August 5, 2021


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Open SCAD – Space X Grid Fin Coaster Trivet Thingamajig!

Check this out! I am a big fan of YouTuber Winston Moy ( who runs a CNC channel and in a recent episode he created a Space X Grid-Fin Trivet inspired by what else? Yes a Grid-Fin from a Space X rocket. So he talked about some of the challenges in modeling this in Fusion 360 and hit me, can I do something like this in Open-SCAD and give it back to the 3D, CNC and Laser cutting community as both code and a customizer on Thingiverse and the answer is YES! Now its hard to 3D print a trivet so I started thinking and it hit me, a coaster!

Now too this is a very flexible design in that you set height, if there is a bottom or not, circle size (I suggest leaving as is) as well as indenting for a mug. Now for flexibility I left it large so it could be output as an SVG for CNC or Laser cutting to make a trivet. However say you want a smaller verion what do you do? Just import the STL into your slicer and resize it!

Oh and another thing you will notice is I added a the Space-X logo to the center of the Grid-Fin for added effect! So if your looking for a unique personalized gift for the Space enthusiast and want to show off your maker skills then this is the model for you!

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Space X Grid-Fin Coaster Trivet Thingamajig!:

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